Tuesday, May 03, 2005


• Act and speak inconsistently.

Nothing confuses people faster than inconsistency. And if confusion due to contradiction is the only constant, trust is sure to fall victim.

• Seek personal rather than shared gain.

One who is out only for him or her self, especially in a team environment, quickly loses the respect and trust of others.

• Withold information.

When the communication channels shut down rumors start and misinformation is believed to be real. True information is often too late, or is never offered. Then trust falls apart.

• Lie or tell half-truths…

Untruthfulness is a quick way to break a bond of trust. People may accept it once, even twice, as the old goes, “ twice burned….”

• Be closed-minded.

An unwillingness to consider other ideas and points of view will certainly cut off communication and eventually shatter trust.

Sources : http://ttgconsultants.com/articles/trustworkforce.html

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